Doggie Yogi
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Benefits of Canine Massage

Dogs receive the same massage benefits as humans. 

Reflect on your own massage experiences.  Have you felt relaxed and peaceful, experienced increased flexibility, less muscular tightness and knots, and fewer aches and pains?  Dogs feel the same way after a professional canine massage.  In fact, the canine experience is even more intensified.

Some benefits of massage are:

  • Increasing Lymph movement 
    • circulates white blood cells and strengthens immune system
  • Muscle and Joint Health 
    • alleviates muscle tightness, pain in joints and muscles, and increases range of motion
  • Correcting Structural Alignment 
    • assists in correcting posture issues (such as one shoulder higher than the other)
  • Stimulating Acupressure Points 
    • releases natural endorphins, relieving discomfort and pain
  • Emotional Health 
    • assists with depression, fear, separation anxiety, trauma, grieving, shyness, and aggression. 
    • Promotes comfort, love, self worth, bonding, and positive, emotional well-being

Massage greatly assists with:

  • Muscle or joint issues (Dyplasia, arthritis, hip problems)
  • Injury recovery
  • Surgical rehabilitation
  • Sedentary behavior
  • Stress management (Rehoming, shelters, loss of pet or guardian)
  • Performance events, before and after (shows, agility, etc.)